Welcome to Rigel Pawlak .com

This is where you can learn about all of the things Rigel does.
From Real Estate to Clowning.
From Circus Style Service (Plate Trick, Water Tricks)
to Comedy Of All Kinds.

Slappy O'Face Slice Of Life at Pulp

Here is a link to his Stand Up Comedy Clown, Slappy O'Face:
Slappy O'Face Disclaimer Lounge  at Dirty South

Slappy O'Face: at a Laundromat that's not Bar Of Soap

Slappy O'Face Disclaimer Lounge Athena's


Here is Rigel as Stan Dubkydageye

Here is Rigel doing stand up, as himself:
Lucky Rigel 7 Lucky Rigel 7 Lucky Rigel7 ; coming soon

Here's some of his physical clowning via Payaso Fracasado:

"Snake Wrestling" at Asheville Vaudeville

"In Hell" at Asheville Vaudeville

"Highlight Reel" from Firestorm show

"Rola Bola" from Firestorm show

"Fun WIth Fofo" from Firestorm show


"B" is for Bondage with Spycey Spyce


Here's his blog: Rigel's Bloggaroo

Here's his facebook

OOH! follow him on twitter. he's funny.

This will be where his funny websites will be linked

this will be a link to rigel's live cam.

his soundcloud

his youtube

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